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Comfortable Shoes For Women


To men shoes are just something between their socks and the floor. To women, however, shoes are more than just protection for the feet. Shoes make a statement. Even if the woman wearing the shoes doesn’t care much about her latest choice of colour or style, you can guarantee that there are plenty of women who have made notice and formed an immediate opinion about the wearer.

The interesting thing though is that no particular pair of shoes says anything particular about any wearer. A pair of comfortable shoes for women doesn’t mean boring, any more than stacked platform, thigh high boots scream exotic dancer. Shoes are subject to the vagaries of fashion just like any clothing, jewellery, hair style or accessory.

comfortable shoes

Long gone are the days where comfort also meant sensible and frumpy. Flat ballerina style pumps, the choice of millions of women for every day wear, have been elevated from simple black flats with a small bow to being available in a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns from apple green to zebra print and every material from leather to lace. Buttons, bow and furbelows make ballet pumps comfortable shoes for women at work and play, for home, office and nightclub.

Modern technology has also worked magic in footwear. All sorts of synthetic materials deliver features that means footwear is marketed as comfortable. At its most basic comfort comes in the form of easy fasten methods like Velcro and at its most high-tech it comes as air cushioned soles, perspex ,rubber and even glass platforms, shock absorbing insoles, odour eating lining and built in self massaging nodules. Hey, there are even shoes you can throw into the washing machine.

Comfortable shoes aren’t just for the older generation. Many women now make far greater demands on their feet. It isn’t always sensible to wear heels for long periods of time because it puts strain on the feet, legs and lower back. There definitely a need for comfortable shoes for women who are on their feet all day so why shouldn’t they look good too?